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Là Fuori was envisioned to create clothing and objects collections that re-establish an empathetic bond between dream clients and the artisan hands of the “creators of wonder” inbuilt throughout the world.

We at Là Fuori, are nomadic explorers of fabric and with our stories, we want to feed a community of people linked by the desire to create with us a new “aesthetics” of travel, active for the protection of distant knowledge and traditions.

Là Fuori Là Fuori


“Where are you?” – “Out there”

Là Fuori observe the world with a questioning spirit, which changes not only the vision we have of our origins, but also the perception of our forms, our identity and role in the world. Our collections are life stories that two modern travelers who offer a small seed of inspiration, to be documented and regenerated in a new aesthetic. For a clientele that needs more truth, finesse. We’re suggesting them to get out of their expected borders and cross new inner horizons.


Travel is our creative osmosis. We travel to bring our customers to caress the rough hands of an elderly lady who weaves silk in her secret garden and in this human contact hides all the disarming energy that, as creatives, we need to convey through our creations. It is not a question of listening to their story, but of making an aesthetic testimony for our customers. Come to a valley of incense we are waiting for the perfume to sprout from the earth and come to us as a kidnapping of the heart, as well as in search of the “fabric”. All matter to us. For us, ethnicity is the key to discovery, which draws the map of metaphorical itineraries, both true and stunning.

Là Fuori Là Fuori


The creative approach to matter and technique we see on our journey is inspired by the slender dance of those who seek to dismember the known forms, to recompose an ideal image dictated by their own unconscious, sensations and sensitivities. For this as the process, we have entrusted ourselves to the “spontaneity” factor of those who appreciate the world, for the first time with the eye of the child explorer and who with kindness and gratitude asks the fathers for direct help with manual skills and knowledge. Out there is the boy who involves the craftsman with an innocent but curious gaze and settles the new stylistic lines in his mind by bringing a technique with a thousand-year history and a design with an experimental value for the artists themselves, who becomes more sought after. More aware of their potential, in technical and commercial terms, in line with the modern market.


Moved by an experimental creative spirit, we set out to immediately compare our creations on a varied and comprehensive audience, both in terms of wearability and race. Our collections aim to unite people through discovery and travel, as story, no departure differences. We aim to use sustainable techniques for the environment, giving back to rural traditions their primacy in dealing with a topic that has become so important today for the sustainability and well-being of the environment. We approach work as a driving force towards the abolition of gender disparity, facilitating the work of women and their families and thus acting to raise awareness, through our collections. Not only are we ideal dreamers but also those who take into account more respectful consumerism by the human beings.